Ricardo Peixoto – Scary Beautiful


A beautiful collection of compositions reflecting subtle universes colorful and deep, where the Brazilian collective subconscious and jazz converge.




Ricardo Peixoto – guitars on all tracks

  1. Circles
    Paul McCandless, soprano sax; Ken Cook, piano; Cliff Hugo, bass; Kendrick Freeman, drums; Brian Rice, percussion
  2. Santos e Demonios
    Bob Afifi, flute; Paul Hanson, bassoon; Marcos Silva, Piano; Scott Thompson, bass; Brian Rice, percussion; John Santos, percussion; Kendrick Freeman, percussion
  3. Scary Beautiful
    Bob Afifi, flute; Marcos Silva, Piano; Aaron Germain, bass; Rafael Barata, drums; Brian Rice, percussion; Bernardo Bessler, violin; Priscila Plata Rato, violin; Marie Christine Bessler, viola; Marcus Ribeiro de Oliveira, cello
    Strings arranged by Luiz Brasil
  4. Nereids
    Claudia Villela, voice; Bob Afifi, flute; Aaron Germain, bass; Marcus Ribeiro de Oliveira, cello; Rob Reich, accordion
  5. Morro da Paixão
    Jessé Sadoc, flugelhorn; Marcelo Martins, tenor sax; Aldivas Ayres, trombone; Marcos Silva, piano; Scott Thompson, bass; Mike Shapiro, drums; Luiz Brasil, tenor guitar, percussion; Ricardo Guerra, percussion
    Horns arranged by Luiz Brasil
  6. Simpática
    Marcos Silva, piano
  7. Pixinguinga
    Bob Afifi, flute; Harvey Wainapel, clarinet/bass clarinet; Kyle Bruckman, oboe
    Woodwinds arranged by Jasnam Daya Singh
    Velha Amizade
    Bob Afifi, flute/alto flute; Ken Cook, piano; Cliff Hugo, bass; Kendrick Freeman, drums; Brian Rice, percussion
  8. Noturna
  9. Baião de Tres
    Bob Afifi, flute; Marcos Silva, piano; Aaron Germain, bass; Rafael Barata, drums; Brian Rice, percussion

All compositions by Ricardo Peixoto, published by Moving Finger Music, except
Simpática music by Ricardo Peixoto and Claudia Villela, and
Circles and Pixinguinga, lyrics by Claudia Villela, published by Moving Finger Music and Tainá Music

Produced by Ricky Fataar & Ricardo Peixoto
Made possible in part by a grant from InterMusicSF’s Musical Grant Program

Special thanks to Ricky Fataar, Luiz Brasil, Bob Afifi, Jean Michel Huré and all the musicians who participated in the project

Basic Tracks recorded at/by:
Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, CA/Adam Muñoz
Opus Studios, Berkeley, CA/Dave Luke
Historic Studios, Berkeley, CA/Ricky Fataar, Michael Gray

Overdubs recorded at/by:
Historic Studio, Berkeley, CA/Ricky Fataar
What’s for Lunch?, El Cerrito, CA/Dan Feiszli
Lontra Music, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/João Ferraz
La Maison, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil/Didier Antonio Marinho

Mixed by Dan Feiszli at What’s for Lunch?
Mastered by Luiz Tornaghi at Estudio Batmasterson, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Graphic Design: Helena Salgado
Photo: David Belove

Moving Finger Productions


Minor 7th by Mark Sullivan

“Scary Beautiful displays all of the charms of the best Brazilian music: memorable melodies, seductive rhythms, colorful arrangements, and elegant guitar playing.”


Bebop Spoken Here by Steve T

“With plenty of variety on offer, this is the best album I’ve reviewed in some time and by a long way.”


Downbeat Editor’s Pick by Bobby Reed

“Veteran guitarist Ricardo Peixoto is poised to broaden his fan base with the elegant, all-original album Scary Beautiful, on which the Rio de Janeiro native (and current Bay Area resident) excels in solo, duet and full-band settings… Peixoto has absorbed the musical traditions of his homeland and utilized them to create original compositions that acknowledge the past while moving toward the future.”


All About Jazz by Mark Holston

“Peixoto masterfully balances a number of stylistic tendencies, creating a sonically rewarding result in the process… Scary Beautiful is an accessible and attractive effort that covers many stylistic points of view—all of them impressively.”


All About Jazz by Nick Mondello

“A recording of rainbow textures, infectious energies and utterly superior musicianship, lush with vivid and exotic Brazilian (and other) rhythms, deeply probing melodies, marvelous orchestrations and much passion. It is a near-hour of pure aural joy.”


Making a Scene by Jim Hynes

“The title captures the overall sound well – at times, the music is so beautiful it’s scary to think that such wonderful music can be made… highly creative, fluid music with enough variety to keep a listener both fully engaged and totally relaxed.”


JW Vibe by Jonathan Widran

“While the percussive palette is expansive, Peixoto’s rich sense of melody and deep-seated soul makes every song memorable and penetrating. To riff off the title, it’s a beautiful and fearless work.”


Contemporary Fusion Reviews by Dick Metcalf

“Exquisitely beautiful…”


Any way you listen to it, Ricardo’s album merits my MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98.